Chilli honey cocktail from the King of Zing, Pritesh Mody? Bring it!

Remove the kids from the room, we’re about to drop the C bomb. It’s now officially 45 days until Christmas which means questionable hook ups at your office party, battling your way down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve because you forgot to buy EVERYTHING, losing your shit when you see Elf is on TV even though you’ve seen it twenty times over, seeing how many mini cheddars you can balance on your Nan’s head after she sleeps off her sherry and more importantly the green light for complete overindulgence of food and booze.

Let’s face it, we’re British and booze is a major factor in our festive frivolities. If you’re anything like us, Christmas and the New Year are far from complete without copious amounts of cheese and a cheeky cocktail or five.

When selecting a tipple to warm yer baubles with an added hit of WilderBee Urban Chilli Honey, there’s only one person you need to ask - our buddy, the master mixologist, purveyor of all things spicy and renowned King of Zing,  Pritesh Mody of World of Zing.

Bust out your cocktail shakers because this one’s a blinder. Introducing Pritesh’s creation - The Wilderita!



50ml of plantation dark rum
12.5ml of lemon juice
12.5ml of clementine juice
12.5ml WilderBee Urban Chilli Honey

Combine all of your ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake over ice. Strain into a chilled glass and serve. Given the Margarita theme, (minus the tequila) the choice is yours to rim the glass with salt. In our version we use Holy Smoke seasoning from Tubby Toms, which gives it a delicious, salty, smoky vibe.

Pritesh came up trumps with the Wilderita. A perfectly balanced cocktail of sharp, sweet and floral followed by a pleasant spicy, honey kick. Addictive! We may have had a fair few already (we definitely have). Well, 45 days, it’s basically Christmas already.

Pritesh 2.png

Pritesh Mody - getting London plastered since 2014.

Photo credit Foodism Magazine